Grow in Faith

The Holy Spirit Is the Personal Presence of God Himself.


Shekinah comes from a Hebrew noun meaning dwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God. There are many accounts indicating the presence or glory of God recorded in the Hebrew Bible. The Shekinah is also manifest in numerous instances in the New Testament.


The Shekinah in the New Testament is commonly equated to the presence or indwelling of the Spirit of the Lord (generally referred to as the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of Christ) in the believer. In the New Testament, it is the Holy Spirit that reminds us of God's abiding presence.

How do I grow in my Faith?


As disciples of Faith, we are devoted to the word of the Lord and to let others know about his teachings.


At Faith, we are able to grow spiritualy through classes and resources, including Sunday morning Bible Studies, Midweek Adult Bible Studies, and Confirmation. Faith also teaches parents how to shape faith in their children through pre-confirmation instruction in the Early Communion Class.

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