The Governing Board

At our last Visioning Session held on Saturday, July 9th 2016, many questions came to the floor.

Follow the link below to read about what was accomplished during this important meeting.

How is Faith Lutheran Governed?

Officially, as stated in our Constitution and By-Laws the organizational structure of the church appears in this manner:

The Congregation, whose role is to serve as the primary ministers in the Church. The role of the Governing Board is to establish the Guiding Principles for the Pastor’s leadership. The Pastor is to lead the Church to accomplish its mission.  The expectation of the Called Staff is to oversee the ministry of the Church and of the Support Staff to manage the administrative functions of the Church as directed by the Pastor. The role of the Church Membership is to accomplish the mission of the Church.

The Governing Board, consisting of 6 people elected in staggered 3 year terms has the power and responsibility to develop policies, ministry and financial plans for implementing the goals approved by the voters (members) of the congregation and for supporting the pastor in achieving his role as leader of the church and accomplishing its mission.

Our members are:

  • Pastor David Woolsey,

  • David Bowers

  • Julie Rader

  • Tom Sear

  • Russ Ezolt

  • Bea Marlette

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