Family Life Ministry

Christmas Family Nights

Join us Wednesdays in December for this new addition to Faith's Advent calendar! Christmas Family Nights are opportunities for families (and friends!) to spend intentional time together learning about the Christmas story that God gives us in the Bible. These events will include interactive Bible stories, fun crafts, music videos, and other age-appropriate activities! It's a chance to experience Christmas in a new way, while still keeping Jesus at the center of it all.

Family Life Includes:



Teaching Faith at Home

We often view the church as the main mechanism to promote, teach and lead our children in faith formation. In reality however, Christ intended the church to be a source of encouragement, support, and instruction for families. Shifting from church to family as the main influence in faith formation is a new paradigm embodied by Family Life Ministry.  Family Life supports families in being strong, healthy and balanced in spiritual, physical and emotional ways. It encourages and empowers families by giving them resources to teach and live faithful lives.


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